Winter Control Improvements in Ward 6

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Winter Control Improvements in Ward 6 – Alton, Millcroft and Headon Forest

This message is provided as an update regarding winter control improvements for Alton and Millcroft and Headon Forest.  I brought this issue forward as a result of resident’s concerns regarding snow removal on roads and sidewalks and the safety of students at drop off and pick up times at Charles Beaudoin School, Alton Village School and St. Anne’s School as well as the Multi use pathways.

This winter season has been challenging for Residents and the City of Burlington due to the unusual amount of snowfall and the combination of rain and flash freezing following the snowfall.  This combination of winter events made it very difficult to clear roads and sidewalks throughout the City of Burlington.  We thank all residents for their understanding of the situation and for your assistance during this difficult time.

Many residents in Alton and Millcroft and Headon Forest wrote to me, about lack of plowing of sidewalks, causing safety issues for children walking to school.

I am pleased to report that at my request, staff reviewed the areas of concern and have made a number of service improvements.

  1.  Doug Wright Park Dr. will now be considered as a Secondary Rd. which will ensure that the snow removal on the road and sidewalks will be completed in a more expedient manner.
  2. It was found that the north sidewalk at Doug Wright Park although plowed, requires a snow fence due to snow drifting.  While this will be addressed in 2015, our staff will monitor the area for immediate concerns.
  3. Side walk plowing around the Charles Beadoin at Tiger Road between Sarazen Drive and Clubview Drive has also been upgraded from “residential” status to “priority secondary”.  This will improve the service.
  4. I have also requested that plows should avoid schools at bell times.
  5. In 2015 there will be new services for the Multi Use Pathway at Taywood Park adjacent to Charles Beaudoin, as it will now be plowed in the winter giving Parents more access locations to drop their children off during the winter months.
  6. In 2015 Headon Forest Multi Use Pathway was approved for snow clearing.  With the number of people who use this pathway on a regular basis I believe this will be a huge improvement for residents of Headon Forest in the Winter.

Staff will be reviewing the conditions of other schools and pathways in the City for similar treatment and will bring a report back to Council in May with recommendations.  Additional schools in Ward 6 will be considered.

Please feel free to notify myself or roads and parks of any other concerns related to snow removal.  I must thank staff and Council for supporting on these concerns.

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