Stop the Escarpment Highway

Stop the Highway!  Niagara GTA – January 10, 2011

During my first week in office, in December, 2010, Councillors, MPP’s and Regional and City staff held a public open house regarding the Provincial proposal to add a highway through the Niagara Escarpment, stop the highway!

This meeting was attended by over 500 residents, the majority opposed to destroying our beautiful rural area by building a highway right through it.

With my assistance The City of Burlington along with a group of residents formed a joint venture agreement with a group of citizens, and we called ourselves The Stop the Escarpment Highway Coalition.

As Co-Chair of this committee my role was to co-ordinate the gathering of thousands of signatures on a petition which I personally delivered to the Ontario Legislative Assembly on May 9, 2011, which asked the Province to relinquish the idea of a highway through our Escarpment.

The engagement of residents, made all the difference in influencing our Government to reconsider.  Today we are still at risk of The Province building a Highway through the Escarpment.

You have my on-going commitment to continue working on behalf of the Citizens of Burlington to Stop the Escarpment Highway.

For more information:

Table-at-Winterfest-with-Residents-Blair-and-Mayor-Stop-the-Highway Sidrabene meeting about the Highway



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