Safety for our kids!

Traffic, Speed Limits and Safety for our Kids!

Traffic continues to be a very challenging problem in Burlington, especially in Millcroft and Alton.

In meetings this week with our traffic staff we discussed enforcement in Alton and Millcroft, Traffic Calming, Traffic origin and destination routes and an Education for drivers on speed limits and road safety.

While attending streets in Millcroft and Alton the people driving to fast, carelessly and distracted are normal everyday folks, usually with kids in their cars.  All of us need to take responsibility for keeping our neighborhoods safe for our kids.

So slow down, mind the speed limits and remember traffic calming measures are there for a reason.  I will be working with staff over the next few months on enforcement, education and actions that can be taken.

We all need to take this issue seriously and keep our kids safe.  Blair

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