Provincial Courthouse in Alton

Burlington Provincial Court House Update

Halton Court Services provides court administration and prosecution services in Halton for offences under the Provincial Offences Act (POA) and federal Contraventions Act.  These offences are predominantly charges under the Highway Traffic Act, but also include municipal bylaw offences and other offences under provincial and federal statutes.

The CAOs from the local municipalities and the Region oversees the management and operations of Halton Court Services. As result of the increase in number of cases, the courtroom has reached capacity and needs to find more space.

On February 28th , 2014 the CAOs received a Growth Management Plan that recommended a long term accommodation strategy.  The following recommendations were made for consideration by local councils:

1. That the location of the new courthouse facility (for the traffic unit) be confirmed on City of Burlington owned lands located at the corner of Walkers Line and Palladium Way, municipally known as 4085 Palladium Way.

2. That the City of Burlington proceed with a design/build/lease option that will meet the needs of Halton Court Services for at least 25 years.

3. That the City of Burlington issue a Request for Proposal to private sector investors/developers inviting bidders to purchase or lease the Palladium Way site and then construct and lease the courthouse to the City on behalf of the Partnership.

4. That the City of Burlington report back detailing the results of the Request for Proposal and seek direction/approval regarding final selection and next steps in the Growth Management Plan process.

The Growth Management Plan’s development and implementation was commissioned under delegated authority, which means that the CAOs (managers) of each municipality had decision making authority on all aspects of the plan and its implementation.  Under the rules of delegated authority, the CAOs are not required to hold public or Council consultation.

As your Council, Burlington requested that the province and various municipalities provide a public information session to outline the Growth Management Plan and to clear up any misconceptions.

There are a number of misconceptions with regards to this exciting opportunity for Burlington, and as such, I think that it is important to outline the facts:

  • Burlington has already been home to the traffic court located on Harvester Road & Plains Road
  • The court will focus on offences which are predominantly charges under the Highway Traffic Act – no criminal cases will be held at this location
  • The impact to traffic congestion around the new location will be negligible.
  • The location identified has the capacity to accommodate this activity.
  • The court will provide local job opportunities for Burlington residents

If you have any questions, specifically how the Growth Plan will impact Burlington, please feel free to email me at

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