Parking 101

This memo is provided to give further clarity to the recent brochure mailed out to Alton, Orchard and Uptown residents.

As you are aware for the past 2 years the City of Burlington has been actively striving to engage residents in order to find solutions to some of the parking challenges in these areas.

At the end of our last community parking consultation in spring of 2014, it was recommended that we implement improvements to our NOSPP (neighbourhood on street parking program) and eliminate perpendicular parking in the laybys as well as extend the length of time you can park on the street from 3hrs to 5hrs.

There were discussions about permit paid parking and allowing residents to park their vehicles in park parking lots. As part of the consultation these items were not recommended mostly due to the City’s inability to provide enforcement.

In December of 2014 another Councillor brought forward a staff direction to bring these items back for consideration. The item was approved on a temporary basis so that these options could be further evaluated, resulting in the communications Parking 101 brochure that you recently received. The City of Burlington will be asking the public for their feedback and staff will report back to Council on their findings in fall 2015.

The public consultation will involve a survey, public meeting and written feedback. The public meeting has been set for May 6, 2015 at Tansley Woods Community Centre from 7-9pm. If you cannot attend please send your comments to me. We will also post on social media the link to the survey when it becomes available.

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