Non for Profit Symposium


Non Profit Symposium

In 2011 I held the first ever Non Profit Symposium at the City of Burlington.

The purpose of the Symposium was to improve the relationship between the City of Burlington and the Not for Profit Sector.

The Not for Profit sector is a valuable asset to the City and yet we do not account for the services and programs that this sector provides to our community.  These agencies largely are run by volunteers with no funding from the City or the Region.

I believe that we should recognize the work that not for profits do in our community and I believe there are opportunities for the City and the Region to work together in supporting the work they do.

What I heard at the Symposium was:

  1. It is difficult for Not for Profits to work with the city.  They do not have the resources it takes to deal with the requirements of the various departments.
  2. Both the deposits and fees for events and facility rentals are too high and not affordable.
  3. Some Not for Profits did not feel valued by the city and they did not feel that the City recognizes them for the good they are doing in our community.

What we accomplished was:

  1. I influenced staff to be more flexible on deposits and fee requirements.
  2. I established communication opportunities in City Talk and our Council communications
  3. I found many ways to support these groups including speaking on their behalf, arranging recognition at Council and helping them to network.

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