Keep Safe This Holiday Season: New Carbon Monoxide Regulations

As we all enjoy the holiday season with our loved ones, I wanted to remind everyone about the new carbon monoxide (CO) law and regulations.   The update to Ontario’s Fire Code (Div. B – section 2.16 – Installation of Carbon Monoxide Alarms), requires CO alarms adjacent to all sleeping areas in all residential buildings that contain fuel-fired appliances (such as furnaces, stoves or fireplaces) and attached garages.  Please note that homeowners must comply with the new regulations by April 15, 2015.

This new law was named in honor of Ontario Provincial Police Constable Laurie Hawkins and her family, who died in 2008 of CO poisoning caused by a blocked chimney in their home.  Known as the silent killer, CO is tasteless, colourless and an odourless gas.  CO claims the lives of approx. 11 Ontarians every year.

For more information about CO safety and the importance of smoke and CO alarms visit Carbon Monoxide (CO).

Stay safe this holiday season and all year round.



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