Keeping Our Kids Safe – Multi-Use Pathways on Dundas

Dundas Highway Multi use Pathways – Keeping our Kids safe

Safe passage for our kids to the new Frank Hayden High School, The Haber Rec Centre, The new Norton Park and The Library is important to me.  I knew there would be an increase in Pedestrian traffic along Dundas Hwy after these facilities opened so I worked with The City of Burlington and The Halton Region to find solutions for safe passage for our kids.

The North side of Dundas Highway had multi-use pathways in place but the South side did not, and for the most part it was impassable and our kids would not have been safe.

I worked with City Staff and The Region In 2012 and was successful in convincing Council this work was required and that it should be completed in time for the school opening.

Also by working with the Region we identified other safety measures as well including: enforcement, warning signs for speeding and speed reductions.

Our kids from Headon Forest, Millcroft and the Orchard can now get to the community campus safely.

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