Cultural Action Plan


Cultural Action Plan 

I support the idea that Arts and Culture makes a community more vibrant.  This is evident when you visit Cities like Vancouver, Saskatoon and Ottawa that seem to have a work of Art on every corner.  This is why I supported the Cultural Action Plan that was approved last year.

I would like to see Burlington celebrating Art visually throughout the City.  Works of Art installed on street corners, buskers on weekends and special events throughout the city.

I have contributed to The Arts in Ward Six through advocacy for the Arts, the installation of a work of Art, donated by Hansen Brick at the Haber Recreation Center and currently I am involved in an Art Mural Project to be installed at Norton Park.

I look forward to fulfilling the aspirational vision of our recently approved Cultural Action Plan.

For more information see City of Burlington website


Hansen Brick Work of Art at Haber Rec Centre

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