Alton Creek Bed Restrictions Lifted

Alton Creek Bed Restrictions Lifted

After receiving many complaints from residents regarding their inability to build sheds, pools, erect playground equipment, decks or even plant a tree in their backyards due to restrictions, I worked with Conservation Halton to determine the extent of the issue and find a solution.

Together we determined that a change to the zoning requirements was in order.

I successfully brought the following recommendation to Council which was approved in April 2011:

Report recommending approval of a city-initiated amendment to Zoning By-law 2020 to eliminate a 3-metre setback requirement for residential properties abutting creek blocks in Alton Community. (PB-24-12, February 9, 2012)

Now residents have been able to use their backyards in the way they were intended and have gone from not being able to erect anything to being able to install pools.

I truly appreciate that Conservation Halton reconsidered their original zoning position and supported my recommendation for a change.


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