Accessibility Awards

Accessibility Awards

I was pleased to help establish The City of Burlington’s Accessibility Awards.

You may know that I spent almost two years in a wheelchair and other assisted devices.  In addition, two members of my family are quadriplegics and require a wheelchair to get around.  My own personal experience and the experience of my family have made me a champion for Accessibility in our community.

As a member of the Burlington Accessibility Advisory Committee I assisted in creating the first Accessibility Awards event in Burlington and it has continued for three years.  This event recognizes and thanks the many businesses, employers and citizens in this community who have made accessibility a noted priority.  The event brings awareness to the importance of Accessibility in keeping our community inclusive.  You won’t know how important it is until you’ve been there yourself.

The Accessibility Awards brings awareness to the cause and makes people think about what each of us can do individually to make a difference.  I am proud to be a part of this wonderful initiative and to also Chair the Accessibility Committee at the Region.


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