2015 Budget Update

Happy New Year!

It’s a new year year and that means a new City of Burlington budget.  Over the next few weeks Council will review our Current and Capital budgets, and I thought I would highlight a few areas that might be of interest to Ward 6 residents.  As your Ward 6 Council representative in our community I have accepted the following additional responsibilities including Chair of the Halton Region Administration and Finance Committee, Chair of the Halton Region Accessibility Advisory Committee, Burlington Museums, Burlington Downtown Business Association, Burlington Mundialization Committee, Art Gallery of Burlington and Burlington Inclusivity Advisory Committee.

Links to the Current and Capital Budget are below:

2015 Proposed Capital Budget Book

2015 Proposed Current Budget Book

Below are some of the highlights of the budget that impact items of interest for Ward 6.  This is also your opportunity to share your opinion with me.  There is also a public budget meeting on January, 29th at City Hall.  Please note that the approval of the 2015 budget is scheduled to be on February 23rd.

Highlights of the 2015 Capital Budget:

  • Commitment to the Waterfront (Burloak Park implementation of park enhancements/Beachway Master Plan) (Pages 16, 169)
  • Traffic Calming Projects in Millcroft and Alton (Pages 14,93)
  • Park improvements for Ireland Park/Millcroft Park (Page 175)
  • Road resurfacing and repairs to Tina Rd, Jordan Ave and Cleaver Ave (Page 59)
  • Noise wall replacement/repairs (Page 42)
  • Walkers Line/Upper Middle Rd improvements to assist in traffic congestion (Page 44)
  • Tansley Woods C.C. repairs/renewals (Page 149)
  • Transit expansion of fleet to Handi-Van and replacement of vehicles at end of life cycle (Pages 199, 202)
  • Library facilities improvements at Tansley Woods (Page 240)
  • Flood mitigation (spring time frame) (Page 113)
  • Sidewalk repairs of trip ledges (Page 84)
  • Installation of traffic signal at Walkers Line/Thomas Alton (full T intersection) (Page 95)
  • Roseland Creek and Shoreacres erosion control (Page 117)
  • Decorative street light restoration (Page 90)
  • Parking data collection (Pages 23, 190, 191)
  • Corporate Accessibility/Legislated Renewal (Page 140)

As always, I welcome comments and suggestions as we work together to build a more inclusive community for the City of Burlington.


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